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The J&K government has set up the Bhadarwah Development Authority (BDA) under the Prime Minister's Reconstruction Plan; to build tourism infrstructure in the area and a network of roads to make it easily accessible

In the true spirit of Cabinet dcision No. 154/10 dated 23-09-2005, the BDA has been established to act as an apex Authority for over all dvelopment of the area defined as local area for the Authority. It has started functioning since 2006 and has taken up various development projects under execution. These works have benn tendered and allotted to contractors through public private partnership. Our vision is to put Bhadarwah on the tourism map of J&K through the development of road infrastructure connecting it to Pathankot,The Kashmir Valley and Himachal Pradesh. It also emphasize to provide necessary tourism infrastructure for selling it as a cultural,scenic and adventure tourist spot and ensuring the enviornment conservation.Startegy of BDA is to use the potential of Bhadarwah as an intermediatedestination between Himachal Pradesh,Kashmir Valley and Punjab for the economic Development of the region.