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    The Splended Springing Valley "A place of Beauty and Grace"Bhadarwah" Puranas as Bhadrakashi, is a beautiful valley situated at a distance of 205 km from Jammu.to its North. Because of its scenic beauty it is called Chota Kashmir.

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    The J&K government has set up the Bhadarwah Development Authority (BDA) under the Prime Ministers Reconstruction Plan; to build tourism infrstructure in the area and a network of roads to make it easily accessible.

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    The valley is a klidoscope of nature with different colours of God's creativity, cultural and related activities. The principal physical features of the valley compirses the river Neeru and the mountain carter lake of Kailash Kund.

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    Prompt service with total transparency.
    Development and construction work of high standards at reasonable rates.
    Transparency and time bound schedule for every transaction.



The history of Bhadarwah is very old. Right from Mahabartha time of 19th century many independent rulers ruled this place. It is said that the period of Dunga Nagar and Udho nagar was the golden period of Bhadarwah history. According to Nar Singh Dass Nargis there was a very Big University here in  which there was hostel facility for about ten thousand students. While the Nalanda University had hostel facility for eight thousand students. As it is said that history repeated here by establishing a University campus at the same area where ancient university of Bhadarwah existed. Bhadarwah is a beautiful valley situated at a distance of 205 km from Jammu to its North at a height of 5000 ft. above the sea level. Because of its scenic beauty it is called "Chota Kashmir"
For its high literacy rate, Bhadarwah is known as Kerala. Some writers name it as the Switzerland of India. Bhadarwah is a land of splendours and surprises, a place where God's architectural experience and elegance is felt. Its singing rivulets, clear blue sky, unparalleled majestic mountains, vast expanses of alpine vegetation; emotional people and diversified culture; spiritual, placidity, fragrant bloom of tulips leave every tourist spell- bound and ineffable. The valley is a klidoscope of nature with different colours of God's creativity. This place has been an important centre of cultural, social, religious, political and art related activities. Bhadarwah attracted people from far and near and the cause of attraction was 'its peaceful atmosphere, pleasant climate, self sufficient in eatables, grains, fruits, vegetables and milk etc. During winters, dancing sunbeams reflected by the white snow blanket make the gazers dance too. Black forests, which are rarely found across the globe, are abode of tigers, Wild herbs found in these areas have their own uses and charm.

It seems that God has created this valley in leasure time. Its natural bewitching beauty fascinates the visitors. Dr.Karan Singh has described its beauty as under ::

"When he was Health Minister in Govt.of India, he came to Bhadarwah after world tour and addressed a mammoth ralley  in which talking  about other matters, he said that when he went to Switzerland, The people of that place asked him how beautiful there country was ? He replied very good, but there is a small valley BHADARWAH in India which is more beautiful than SWITZERLAND. This is the  thinking about the valley. Besides the natural beauty of Bhadarwah, the valley is famous for its cultural, civilization, hospitality, communal harmony and its Bhadarwahi language which begins with word "ji" and ends with "ji". Because of their highly cherished values ,it possesses a distingushed place in the state. The land is very fertile  and productive. Every type of crop is grown here, but it is very famous  for "Rajmash, Phulan, and Dal Mash". Many types of mushrooms grow in its forests such as '"Guchhi"(Marshale)", kishoror(Ferns) and kundi.

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