Kailash Yatra

It is a famous place of pilgrimage and the Kund is a big lake of cold, crystal clear water having a circumference of 1.5 miles. Kailash kund also known as Vasuki kund, is abode of Nagraj Vasuki and is situated at a height of 1 4500 ft. above sea level. Every year thousands of pilgrims from districts of Chamba, Kathua, Udhampur, Doda, Jammu and outside states participate in Kailash Yatra which commences on the 14th day after Shravan Purnima. Main yatra starts from Gatha, Bhadarwah. The track from Seoj passes through the spot called as Shank Padar & Ramtund which is known for its religious legends called 'SHAGARAN' (Two stones which exactly resembles the face of Hanuman). Huge stone contains etch mark and an etched line which are believed to be the spot where the fleeing Vaski Naag' wept while taking rest on the said stone. Total distance is 12 miles. Enroute join a number of Yatras, besides yatras from Chamba and Duggan Vasuki temple which join main yatra at Kailash. Pilgrims keep awake all nights singing Bhajans, Kirtans, shouting Jai Ghosh and dancing to the melodious tune of Dhakku. The Yatra lasts for 15 days.

Aap Shambu Temple  

         Enclosed in the close domains of inner Himalayan of Bhadarwah called as “Chota Kashmir” surrounded by the lush Green mountains and paddy fields near the bank of Neeru Nallah; there is a beautiful spot known as Lingah.Infact, Aap Shambu Shiva temple 500 years old finds its location there in the middle of a fruit garden near lake view Resort Gatha (Fish Pond). A number of lush Green paddy fields are seen on the right side of the Temple with natural spring water.

          An ancient Aap Shambu Shiva temple is situated almost at 3 ½ km from Bhadarwah town near Gatha village at hamlet Lingah. One can find the location of the temple near the fish pond after traveling hardly a distance of 300mts on foot. The temple is situated in the grove of almus and fruit trees at the bottom of the hill near the bank of the Neeru Nallah. No doubt, a beautiful spot, abode of peace and every body finds consolation of mind there. Hermits stay there for months together for mediation and even some of them finds ‘Dharshans of Lord Shiva.

          Strange enough, the Lingam 1 ¾ feet in height and three feet in girth in its natural form in black in colour popularly known as Aap shambu which has erupted from the surface of the earth is accompanied  BY THE IDOL OF ‘Ganesha’ 7”x11” in height along with idol of ‘Kartika’. According to a legend the supposed height of Lingam is 16 feet but a hermit had forbidden the people in their dreams not a dig it beyond this depth. The people wanted to shift this Lingam to a densely populated area of Bhadarwah for construction of the temple there which becomes the impossible after finding the limitless depth of Lingam. On eastern side there are Samadhi; one of them is popularly known as “Jewat Samadhi”. Inside the temple there is no outlet kept for the water to flow out which collects during the worship of idols and it gradually absorbs without any traces of water seen outside the temple. The flowers used in the Puja may block the water but the question of blockade does not arise at all.

          Devotees in thousand from for wide throng there throughout the year. They pay homage to the idols especially Shivratri festival. It is celebrated on Trodeshi and Chaturdeshi of Phagun month. [i.e. Feb/ March] every year. The pilgrims including men, women and children keep fast for these days. They prefer to take bath in holy Neeru before going to the temple. Each devotee worships the idols the pouring a jug of water and offering flowers followed by chanting bhajans/mantras from morning till late night. Ladies also participate in Keertan and prayers. At the end the Pujari of the temple offers ‘Prasad’ to the pilgrims/ devotees in the form of charanamrit and fruit.

          There an other legend. The cow boys of Gatha village and Girls of Chinta used to graze their cattle at Lingah collectively, as it was lonely place then once a quarrel started between the parents of Girls and Boys at Lingah on the false report of the Girls that the Boys have been eve teasing them. The trifle later on turned into a blood shed. So many people lost their lives. Swords and other weapons were used and there was no possibility of stopping this bloodshed. In the mean time, there appeared an idol of cow from earth’s surface which served a warning for the worst consequences. The idol of cow is still beside the Shiva temple.

          Instantly, the Lingam of Lord Shiva erupted from the surface of the earth. The people become aware of the consequences and th3e so called battle stopped .The people decided to burry those weapons near village Gatha in the field. The fact is still supported by the flowing of rusty water. The idols of those involved girls are still near HSS Chinta and there faces are being burnt by the young boys at the time of local festival in September every year. 

A Jewat Samadhi  

While going on  visit  to Lake View Resort  Gatha (known as  fish  pond)  if  any one happens  to see  the  App  Shambu  Shiv  temple  at Lingah,  is  sure to see  the  alive  grave. It  is  one of the ancient Samadhies constructed  in  old fashioned bricks. A typical  spiritual sopt which  bestowed consolation  and  peace  of  mind  to a  hermit who  happened to  visit  Bhadarwah at  least  500  years ago. He  tool  that Jewat Samadhi at  Lingah.
According  to an old legend, a  hermit from Rajasthan  known as  Baba Chambligir  who,  on his  visit to this place selected  this  spot  for  meditation. The place was lonely and  highly  peaceful. The hermit, as such decided to stay at this place  lattrer  on he decided  to stay at this place. Latter on he decided to end his life by going alive in a Samadhi. He informed the inhabitants about his decision accordingly. He then arranged a yagya/Bhandara for seven days. The people also wanted to help him in the performance of the yagya but, he refused to take their help. He then took only five kg of wheat to a water mill (Ghrat) and requested to miller to grind the same and further asked him not to stop his water mill till further instructions of Babajee. He covered the wooden container of the mill with white cloth and asked the miller not to disturb the same. The grinding of the 5 kg of wheat continued for seven days. The flour was used in yagya by Babajee as well as by local people.

A miracle took place on the 7th day of yagya when the white cloth cover of the container was removed, the same 5kg wheat was found intact there.Moreover,a strange thing happened on 6th day of Yagya. Babajee inquired from his men about shortage if any regarding Bhandara because it may cause any problem in the smooth functioning of the Yagya after the close of the market. Nothing was reported but at 11:PM, one of his disciples appeared before him with folded hands likely to inform Babajee about shortage of Desi Ghee. He had hardly altered a single word. Babajee immediately understood the problem and said Dear boy; don’t worry. I will arrange it my self “.He ordered two men to go with two pitchers and borrow ghee from Ganga Maya i.e. Nerru Nallah. They went to nallah and filled two pitchers ,strange enough, the same water was converted into Desi Ghee in no time for use. The Ghee was purchased from market and poured in to the Neeru Nallah on the next day, just to return the borrowed one Ghee.

Later on a Samadhi 6 feet deep was then dug for him by the people as desired by him. He got managed the ashes of cow dung. He then ordered for a Chapatti (Roti) to be prepared, distributed half of it among the people present their and then kept other half in his bag. Bade good by to all and went in the Samadhi covered his face and body with white cloth and set down for mediation in side the Samadhi. As desired by him people dropped the ashes of Cow dung, already managed for, over his head till he bent down his head .The body was then buried in the designed Samadhi who so ever heard about this miracle got wonder struck. This news spreac like wild fire in the entire area of Bhadarwah.

After a few days a group of seven pilgrims was returning from Mani Mahesh Yatra (Chamba) saw Babajee going towards Chamba at Paddri Dhar Babajee said” Do you feel hungry? Yes, they replied, he then distributed then that half Chapatti (Roti) which he had kept in his bag before saying good bye to this materialistic world infact he had under gone this miracles deed after attaining highest spiritual power through mediation.